Nick Lachey + More Rock Out In Big Morning Buzz Live’s Gif Booth

This week on Big Morning Buzz Live, host Nick Lachey switched things up by joining the performance lineup. Along with Priory, Colin Smith, and more, Lachey gave fans another awesome week of music. And our music guests capped their performances by hanging in our gif booth.

Check out the poses this week’s performers made in our booth by clicking through this post’s pages. But first, check out Lachey’s live rendition of “Falling Slowly” in the clip below.

Why is Nick Lachey taunting us with his come hither gesture?


Colin Smith looks hot while chilling in our booth.

Soul singer Timothy Bloom throws up the deuces while in our booth.


Fresh from performing “Weekend,” Priory hopped in the booth after getting us hype for Saturday and Sunday.