15 Shades Of Bey According To “7/11”

  • beyonce-college

  • beyonce-chair

  • beyonce-booty

  • beyonce-blowdryer

  • beyonce-bucket-hat

  • beyonce-deck

  • beyonce-dice

  • beyonce-blue-ivy

  • beyonce-givenchy

  • beyonce-pyramid

  • beyonce-red-cup

  • beyonce-cat-glasses

  • beyonce-star-wars

  • beyonce-praying

  • beyonce-new-years

There are many shades of Bey– 15 to be exact. Beyonce unleashed her surprise video for “7/11”, a new song featured on her upcoming Platinum Edition Box Set which drops November 24th, and shocked us all by flipping the script. Of course the perfect follow up to 17 glamorous videos from her prior self-titled album would be a low-key slumber party with the girls at a hotel. Get to know “Genius Bey” and the other 15 shades of the greatest entertainer of this generation.

If you need even more Bey in your life, watch Beyonce perform her 16 minute Video Vanguard Medley at the 2014 MTV VMA Awards.

[Photo credit: Sony BMG/Columbia]