Ariana Grande Graduates To Full-Blown Diva Status With Stripped-Down Performance At The 2014 AMAs

2014’s darling pop star Ariana Grande transitioned to full-blown diva at the 2014 American Music Awards, which aired Sunday on ABC. And, trust us, it’s a beautiful thing. Dressed in a sophisticated black dress and a classic movie star hairdo (and that bedazzled earpiece), Grande wowed with jazzed up versions of her hits “Problem” and “Break Free” before going into her new single “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd. Here’s hoping Grande’s team officially releases these renditions. With this performance, Grande has traded in her signature go-go boots and poppy disposition for something with a little more substance. The slowed-down tunes and old Hollywood glam look usher Grande into a whole new level of diva. We hate to say it, but it was very Mariah Carey-esque. You know you were thinking it. This performance was big, folks. Very big. For comparison, we’ve included the original version below!