VH1 Staff Is Thankful For… Nick Jonas’ Abs, Pharrell Williams + ‘You’re Dead!’

VH1 staff writers are thankful for many things this Thanksgiving. We’ve gushed over Pharrell Williams’ new music videos for G I R L, danced to Mark Ronson’s funky fresh beats and shed a tear to Jessie J’s incredible voice. But we’re mostly thankful for Nick Jonas’ abs. As we look back on this amazing year in music, check out what we’re each thankful for.

Nick Jonas

I’m thankful for the new and beautiful Nick Jonas. First he grabbed his crotch and let us relive the days of Mark Wahlberg’s iconic Calvin Klein shoot. The f-word never sounded so sexy until he dropped the “Jealous” remix featuring Tinashe. Then, he had an interview with Ebro on Hot 97 and hinted that he was getting down in between the sheets with his girlfriend Olivia Culpo. Virgin?! Purity ring?? Ha, ha. That little side smirk tells us he knows exactly what he’s doing. In just a short period, Nick Jonas stripped away his clothing and his Disney image while proving he’s got some serious pipes. Aka: making all of our dreams come true.

Taylor Ferber

Jessie J

I’m thankful for Jessie J’s acoustic performance of “Bang Bang” on the Elvis Duran & The Morning Show. I love this song and the other two divas who perform on it, but Jessie J proves she can hold her own in this video. She is a powerhouse.

Alexa Tietjen

Flying Lotus

This fall, Los Angeles’ production wunderkind Flying Lotus blessed fans with a trippy album called You’re Dead! Unlike his previous work, the album distinctly uses instrumental arrangements instead of just hooking us with electronic beats. No complaints either way, but the new LP feels refreshing as the world’s obsession with EDM winds down.

Rahsheeda Ali

Pharrell Williams

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