Whet Your Thanksgiving Day Appetite With These Delicious Food-Themed Album Covers

  • darkness_main

  • honey

  • velvet_underground

  • Soul_Asylum

  • Foghat

  • Ween_whitepepper

  • soup

  • GNR_Spaghetti

  • Undertones_tasty

  • can_ege_bamyasi

  • rolling_stones_let_it_bleed

  • Chuck_Berry_Tasty

  • moms_apple_pie

The time has come again to give thanks for the many blessings of the year and what better way to do so than to feast on turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? They say the first Thanksgiving Day celebrations occurred when the Pilgrims and their Native American neighbors came together to break bread and celebrate the harvest. Whether or not the story is true, there’s no doubt that we as Americans have quite a lot to be thankful for, and high up on that list is all the great music that enriches our lives every day of the year. And while food and music are sometimes odd bedfellows, some musicians have looked towards the culinary arts. No, we’re not talking about artists named after food, though we have written about them, we’re talking about artists whose album covers feature artwork.<!–more–> From 1959’s punny Chuck Berry Is On Top, to The Darkness’ 2012 album Hot Cakes, we’ve gathered together the most deliciously food-themed album covers in rock history as a visual appetizer for your Turkey Day feast. So take a gander to whet your appetite and try not to eat too much when you sit down with your loved ones this afternoon.