Feel The Beat With The 12 Hottest Drummers In Rock History

  • Dennis Wilson

  • Paul Thompson Franz Ferdinand

  • Fabrizio Moretti The Strokes

  • Meg White The White Stripes

  • Keith Moon The Who

  • Stewart Copeland the Police

  • Sheila E

  • Joe Plummer Modest Mouse

  • Samantha Maloney Hole

  • Karen Carpenter The Carpenters

  • John Bonham Led Zeppelin

  • Sandy West The Runaways

When you think of rock and roll drummers, the first word that comes to mind generally isn’t “hot.” That’s a word reserved for singers, guitarists and (maybe) bassists. But no matter what anyone says about their looks, the drummer is definitely the most badass member of the band. They sit there looking smooth, keeping the beat, smashing the skins and throwing their sticks up in the air. When you think about it, the drummer is the coolest guy or gal in the band. The only problem is, you probably didn’t even notice.

With all that singer crooning, guitar slashing, and bassist mystique, the drummer —sitting behind a huge drum kit all the way at the back of the stage— rarely stands out even when they are swoon-worthy. That’s why we’re here to bring the best looking rock drummers front and center, so you can develop some crushes you might have missed. From the dearly departed Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, to bombshell Meg White of The White StripesFabrizio Moretti of The Strokes and the lovely Sheila E., these stick wielders will have you marching to the beat of their drums!

[Photo: Getty Images]