What Lindsay Lohan Was Really Thinking During Every Song On ‘Speak’

Alright guys, are you ready for this? Lindsay Lohan’s debut album Speak turns 10 today. That’s right, 10. It’s been a decade since Lohan was barely legal, dancing on building rooftops and complaining about those pesky ~*rUmOrs and #haterz. Do you feel old yet? We certainly do.

But in all seriousness, Lohan’s first musical effort was a perfectly harmless collection of cheese-tastic teeny-bopper kitsch, complete with angsty guitars, yearning wails and — yes — danceable beats. However, we can’t help but wonder what exactly Lohan was thinking about as she recorded this collection of bubbly tracks.

After all, 2003/2004 Lohan is very different than 2014 Lohan (i.e: less criminal charges, rehab stints and Oprah-crafted reality shows). Back in the early 2000s, she was more concerned with messing up Regina George’s life, pining over Wilmer Valderrama and clashing with fellow tween queen Hilary Duff over the one true icon, Aaron Carter.  Those were the days.

Below, we take a crack at what Lohan was ruminating over on Speak. Let us know your fondest memories from this golden album in the comments below.

1. “First”

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