10 Things Nicki Minaj Revealed About ‘The Pinkprint’ Through Her Twitter Q&A

Nicki Minaj answered questions on Twitter about The Pinkprint yesterday, revealing some major details about her hotly anticipated album. By responding to curious fans’ questions, you’d think that Minaj would be quieting the hype surrounding the album. Instead, her cryptic tweets have got us even more excited for its release on December 15!

As a result of Minaj’s Twitter Q&A, #ThePinkprint was trending with almost 60,000 tweets. Below are some of the highlights from the session. Scroll through to find out more about The Pinkprint.

1. “Get On Your Knees” feat. Ariana Grande can be summed up in one word: “Sexxxy.”

Ariana Grande has been making a major effort to leave her goody two-shoes look behind, and we’re guessing this tweet means that the songbird is taking cues from Mama Minaj. Who knows— maybe Grande will soon be serving up serious booty, too.  


2. The video for “Only” will go live this week.

We’ve seen the sexy photos from the video shoot, but we have yet to see the video. In the meantime, you can watch the lyric video for “Only” here.


3. A dirtier video than “Anaconda” might be happening.

If you’ve seen her “Anaconda” video — or even if you haven’t — you know that Minaj has got buns. When rumors swirled that her butt implants imploded at the 2014 Fashion Rocks, Minaj covered up for a while, but the Instagrams from her “Only” video shoot suggest the singer is back in full-bodied action. 4. The Target and Best Buy exclusives are different.

Exclusive editions of The Pinkprint will be available at both Target and Best Buy, but the editions themselves will vary between these two stores. We’re not sure what exactly will be different about them — be it bonus tracks or album artwork — but take note that the album exclusive will differ depending on where you buy it. Buy it twice? Genius.


5. A video for “Bed Of Lies” feat. Skylar Grey is in the works.

Minaj, accompanied by Skylar Grey, performed “Bed Of Lies” at the 2014 American Music Awards in late November. According to Minaj’s tweet, a video for the beautifully emotional song is coming.  


6. Minaj cut “a lot” of songs in the album-making process.

Just how much is a lot? We don’t know. We’re more curious about what will become of all of the cut songs. Perhaps there are enough tracks to constitute The Pinkprint Part 2. We can dream…

7.  The album has two songs that are more emotional than “Bed Of Lies.”

When asked which would be the most emotional, Minaj couldn’t make up her mind, so she gave us two songs — “All Things Go” and “Grand Piano” — that tie for the most emotional song on The Pinkprint, a sign that Minaj has taken a more mature, developed approach to the album.


8. “Shanghai,” “Feeling Myself” feat. Beyoncé, “Big Daddy” feat. Meek Mill, and “Want Some More” are the songs to turn up to.

The album might give you some feels, but Minaj made sure she gave the people what they want by throwing in some songs to turn up to.  


9. We are going to love “Feeling Myself” feat. Beyoncé.

Minaj’s collaboration with Beyoncé will be one of the most hype songs on the album and we are going to love it.

10. The album has surprises that we don’t know about yet. They continue to remain surprises.

To Minaj’s credit, there’s only so much you can say in one tweet. Plus, we want some aspects of the album to remain a mystery until its release date. We’re glad there are still surprises, and in the meantime, we’ll stay very curious as to what lies ahead in The Pinkprint.

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