Axl Rose Lets Us Know He’s Not Dead In The Funniest Way Possible

News Flash: Axl Rose is still alive! And our source is pretty legit— it’s Axl himself. The Guns N’ Roses frontman took to Twitter last night to respond to a death hoax that was running wild on the internet. Being presumed dead can be hard on a man’s swag, but Axl’s response was pretty damn funny.

The whole mess started when the suspiciously named posted a prank news report claiming that the 52-year old singer’s dead body had been found in the foyer of his West Hollywood home. Thankfully for rock fans, Axl quickly turned to social media to put those erroneous stories to rest. His Facebook page featured a triumphant photo with the caption “Ha! They say I’m dead — again… Wait, what? WTF? It’s a hoax.” But he reserved his best line for Twitter:

Mark Twain worthy? We’ll go with yes.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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