Faith Evans’ Latest Video Was Based On ABC’s Scandal

Faith Evans appeared on today’s Big Morning Buzz Live, recapturing the soul of her `90s heyday. Before performing “Fragile,” she told Nick Lachey and Jim Shearer how the song’s video was inspired by her favorite TV show.

She’s a big Scandal fan and wanted the clip to mirror the show. “That was my idea, to kind of have the video be a play off Scandal. But Derek Blanks, who directed the video, felt like since there was the retro, throwback sample in the song, that we would do a retro version of Scandal.”

Evans also said her new album, Incomparable, is her best. “It’s just really creative in a lot of ways,” said Evans. “It’s a conceptual album, it tells a story, and, it’s a little bit more sexually forward than what my fans are used to.”

In the clip above, find out more about what Evans is up to and below, watch her perform “Fragile.”