Aaron Carter Still Pining Over Hilary Duff, Watches His Guest-Starring ‘Lizzy McGuire’ Episode In The Dark

All Aaron Carter wants for Christmas is Hilary Duff. Earlier this year he posted a series of not-so-subtle tweets mourning the loss of their relationship, which has been over for more than a decade. Duff commented that she was a smidge uncomfortable about the whole thing, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to pine for her via social media. We’re all for fairy tale endings, but these latest tweets make us want to put our arm around his shoulder and tell him, “It’s over, man. Let it go.”

Yesterday the singer shared a photo of himself watching an episode of Lizzy McGuire -starring Hilary Duff, obvs- that featured him in a guest starring role. As if watching reruns of this romantic glory days in a darkened tour bus isn’t tragic enough for you, he also gave it this heartbreaking caption.

But still, at least he was able to look at the positives.

Of course they were, Aaron. Of course they were.

Will AC follow through with his vow to “spend the rest of [his] life trying to better [him]self to get back to her”? Only time will tell. Santa, this dude needs a Christmas miracle!

[Photo: Getty Images/@AaronCarter]

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