Slayer Rescues A Freezing Homeless Kitten While On Tour In Indianapolis

Like most of us, the guys in Slayer are suckers for tiny kittens. During a tour stop in Indianapolis, the band spotted a sickly baby cat being sold by a homeless man for a dollar and quickly purchased the tiny creature and nursed it back to health on their tour bus.

According to NUVO, Slayer’s assistant tour manager Jess Cortese took the kitten under her wing and brought it to the venue where the band was playing that night. Fortunately, one of the band member’s friends adopted and named the kitten Gypsy. Thanks to Slayer, Gypsy is in good shape and has a new home. We guess Kerry King and Co. are starting to mellow out. Off stage, at least!

[Credit: Facebook]

Now the question is— is Gypsy a new found fan of metal? If so, Gyps can join the viral metal-loving cat Buddy in watching Slayer shred “Seasons in the Abyss” like a true metalhead.
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