Who The Hell Is… Hoodie Allen?

You might have once seem him perform at your friend’s frat party, but rapper Hoodie Allen has moved on to bigger and better venues like Madison Square Garden. Incorporating a comedic element into his music, the “Cake Boy” straddles the lines of pop and rap. Though he’s often compared to Macklemore, Allen’s unique style is unmatched. He’s spent over five years pursing music, and now the former Google account executive has quite a tale to tell. Following a recent appearance on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, Hoodie sat down with us to share his story and his music.

WHO is Hoodie Allen?

Steven Markowitz was born on August 19, 1988 in Plain View, New York. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School with a degree in marketing and finance, Markowitz started a career as an account executive at Google in 2010. After just four months, he realized that though he had landed a dream job, it wasn’t his dream job. So he quit.

“I was always pursuing music and I had hit that point where there was enough going on online and in general where I could take that leap to try to do it full-time and see what happens,” he says in our interview. Markowitz put out a mixtape shortly after quitting his job at Google, and released his All American EP a year later in 2012. He spent a year and a half playing frat parties and “slowly grinding,” as he calls it, before securing a loyal fanbase, which helped launch his career as a rapper.

Watch Markowitz, now Hoodie Allen, perform “All About It,” his collaboration with YOK Alum Ed Sheeran, on Big Morning Buzz Live below.

WHAT is his album?

Hoodie Allen’s first full-length album, People Keep Talking, came out earlier this year in October. YOK Artist Ed Sheeran and Chicago rapper Alex Wiley both appear on the album, which peaked at number two on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart. In 2012, Allen released his All American EP, which debuted on Billboard’s Top Albums chart at number 10.

“All About It” feat. Ed Sheeran

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