Ring the Alarm: Ryan Gosling Has Dark Hair Now

You're going to be OK, I promise.

Are you sitting down? I need to make sure you’re sitting down before you look at these images. Because Ryan Gosling, our eternal boyfriend, is a now a brunette. And don’t hate me for this, but he doesn’t not look like Barry Goldberg.

OK, it gets a little better, I promise.

Gosling has gone dark for The Big Short, a movie he’s filming in New Orleans with Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Steve Carell, which I don’t believe is a spin-off movie about Biggie Shortie from Pootie Tang but I cannot state that for certain.

You may be in a state of mourning at the moment, and that’s OK. Feel your feelings, grieve as you see fit, and if all else fails, just stare at this picture for a while.

It could be worse. Remember when he rocked the buzz cut?