Nevermind The Novelty, Here’s 12 Christmas Songs That Actually Rock

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Let’s be honest here, most Christmas songs suck. Whether they be pop, heavy metal or hip hop, at best they’re amusing to hear once or twice but are usually just novelty songs that are no better than “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” and that song friggin’ suuuuucks. That ends right here, right now.

The time has come to stuff your stockings with Christmas rock n’ roll songs that you might actually listen to, 12 of them to be exact, one for each night of the holiday. Many an aspiring rocker has been gifted with electric guitars over the years and they could do a lot worse to break in their new axe with one of these numbers from the biggest names in punk, metal and classic rock. So whether you celebrate Hanukkah or warm yourself by the Yule Log, pour yourself a glass of Eggnog (nah, trust me, it’s good stuff) and crank up 12 Christmas songs that actually rock.

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