The Hottest Album Art Of 2014

We heard some pretty great albums in 2014. But, even better, we saw some very sexy album art. Artists stepped up their LP cover game in 2014 more than ever before. And by step up, we mean they wore as little clothes as possible while vogueing for the camera. Damn — is it hot in here or is it just us?
It’s definitely not us. Rather, it’s Jennifer Lopez’s voluptuous curves on her A.K.A. cover and Jason Derulo’s angel-carved abs on his Talk Dirty art. Oh, did we mention Taylor Momsen’s bare derrière on The Pretty Reckless’ Going to Hell cover? Because that was definitely a thing that happened.

And that’s not even half of it. (Wait until you recall Jessie J’s legs for days on her Sweet Talker CD cover). If you’re in the mood to turn up the heat, browse through our gallery of 2014’s hottest album art. Lenny Kravitz’s perfect chest is involved.

[Photo: Capitol/Warner Bros.]