Who Should Azealia Banks Start Twitter Beef With In 2015? We Have Some Ideas

Azealia Banks is very vocal on Twitter, but she’s not alone. Many artists —  Lil Kim, for example — take to social media to hash out their beefs with one another. Hey, it’s hard enough to hash it out in person. To quote Banks in her interview with Hot 97: “Where else am I gonna find T.I.?”

We don’t want to silence anyone on any platform; each person is entitled to her opinion and social media is a perfectly valid means of expressing it. On the contrary, we think Banks should keep on calling people out on Twitter, because even though she may let her emotions get in the way from time to time, what she has to say needs to be heard. We even have some ideas for her next Twitter rampage, but keep in mind that these are only suggestions. Let’s hope she doesn’t start a beef with us for writing this.

In case you missed it, check out Azealia Banks’ emotionally charged radio station interview with Hot 97 in the video that went viral below.

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