Are These Multi-Talented Stars Better At Singing Or Acting? It’s Time To Settle The Debate

Actors venturing into singing — and vice versa — is nothing new. What’s really worth talking about is which talent reigns supreme in some of the most famous double (?) threats. We know, we know: You’ve spent many Saturday nights debating with friends over beers about whether Supernova Icon Goddess Mandy Moore is a better singer or actress. But relief is coming — and not just for the “Candy”/A Walk to Remember chanteuse. We’ve examined 15 celebrities who, on the surface, are equally as good (or, erm, bad) at singing and acting. However, we’ve managed to find a tipping point for each artist  (except two, but we’re only humans). So, how did we get to our conclusions? We examined a mixture of album and box office sales, critical reviews and awards to determine the dominant talent. Take a gander at our results!

Jennifer Lopez

You’ve seen her: In movies like Selena (1997), Maid in Manhattan (2002) and The Back-Up Plan (2010). She has more than 25 feature films to her name.

You’ve heard her: On eight studio albums, including the classic On the 6 (1999) and defiant This Is Me…Then (2002). Her most recent album, A.K.A, was released June 2014. She also frequently collaborates with Pitbull, notably on hit songs like “Dance Again” and “On the Floor.”

And she’s better at: Singing. Lopez only has five “Certified Fresh” films, according to Rotten Tomatoes(The highest one is the animated film Antz from 1998, if that tells you anything). Meanwhile, she has enjoyed a very successful music career with six of her albums achieving at least gold status. She’s garnered eight top-10 hits in the U.S. Although her albums are generally not critical darlings, On the 6 received a warm response, with the Los Angeles Times noting it was “shiny pop savvy.” Also, let’s not forget Lopez is a fiery live performer with the ability to precision dance her booty (eh?!) off and leave the audience begging for more. Plus, with Gigli (2003) on her rap sheet, we can’t in good conscience say Lopez is a better actress.


Vanessa Hudgens

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