Incredibly Popular Albums That Were Banned Overseas

  • Beatles

    [Photo Credit: Parlophone Records]

  • 2 Live Crew ’Nasty As They Wanna Be’

  • Megadeth

  • Nirvana

    [Photo Credit: DGC Records]

  • Metallica

    [Photo Credit: Elektra Records]

  • U2 ’All That You Can’t Leave Behind

    [Photo Credit: Interscope Records]

  • Janet Jackson ’All For You’

    [Photo Credit: Virgin Records]

  • Shakira

    [Photo Credit: Epic Records]

  • Slayer

    [Photo Credit: American Recordings]

  • Busta Rhymes ’Back On My BS’

    [Photo Credit: Universal Records]

  • Lady Gaga ’Born This Way’

    [Photo Credit: Interscope Records]

  • Katy Perry ’Prism’

    [Photo Credit: Capitol Records]

Music is a great form of expression, but itโ€™s also a frequent target for censorship. Countries across the globe have repeatedly cracked down on albums weโ€™ve enjoyed in the U.S. Whoโ€™s had their sales blocked overseas?

Lady Gaga loves controversy, but a religious flare-up in the Middle East got her album banned. Nirvanaโ€™s whole catalog was blocked in Lebanon, and Katy Perry was flagged for the most random reason ever.

Hop into our gallery for more artists who were banned in other countries.

[Photo Credit: Interscope Records]