Incredibly Popular Albums That Were Banned Overseas

  • Beatles

    [Photo Credit: Parlophone Records]

  • 2 Live Crew ’Nasty As They Wanna Be’

  • Megadeth

  • Nirvana

    [Photo Credit: DGC Records]

  • Metallica

    [Photo Credit: Elektra Records]

  • U2 ’All That You Can’t Leave Behind

    [Photo Credit: Interscope Records]

  • Janet Jackson ’All For You’

    [Photo Credit: Virgin Records]

  • Shakira

    [Photo Credit: Epic Records]

  • Slayer

    [Photo Credit: American Recordings]

  • Busta Rhymes ’Back On My BS’

    [Photo Credit: Universal Records]

  • Lady Gaga ’Born This Way’

    [Photo Credit: Interscope Records]

  • Katy Perry ’Prism’

    [Photo Credit: Capitol Records]

Music is a great form of expression, but it’s also a frequent target for censorship. Countries across the globe have repeatedly cracked down on albums we’ve enjoyed in the U.S. Who’s had their sales blocked overseas?

Lady Gaga loves controversy, but a religious flare-up in the Middle East got her album banned. Nirvana’s whole catalog was blocked in Lebanon, and Katy Perry was flagged for the most random reason ever.

Hop into our gallery for more artists who were banned in other countries.

[Photo Credit: Interscope Records]