Awesome Songs That Have Less Than Awesome Music Videos

-By Chris Carpenter

Music videos can be frustrating sometimes. Why? Because your favorite artists like EminemJustin Timberlake and Lady Gaga don’t read your tweets when they conceptualize their music videos with directors, cinematographers and stuff. It’s quite rude of them, really. But they have the deepest connection to the song, so we suppose their visual interpretation is what we must enjoy and not the versions that we create in our brains. Still, it’s the worst when a song is so super awesome that you sing it all day long, and then its video premieres and it sucks.

You guys saw the “I Wanna Go” video, right? Why did that video happen? We will probably never know —and Britney probably never will, either. But we can remain outraged over it for eternity. Life is a total struggle, just like these 12 music videos that had so much potential to be great…but weren’t.

“Sledgehammer” by Fifth Harmony

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