Adrien Broner Throws Verbal Jabs at Jay Z & Rihanna over Roc Nation Offer

Three-time world boxing champ Adrien Broner, who is commonly known for his outspoken personality, had some not-so-kind words for Jay Z over an insulting offer to join Roc Nation Sports. Broner told TMZ that he felt insulted when offered the $40 mill/5 year contract, because it was beneath him and that Jay Z should’ve discussed details with him directly instead of with other Roc Nation employees.

He targeted his anger toward Jay Z directly by saying that Jay could “suck his d**k.” When asked about joining Roc Nation to get closer to Rihanna by the interviewer (jokingly), he had even more shade to dish out. “Man, f**k Rihanna. No disrespect,” Broner said. “At the end of the day, she gon’ give me some p***y and that’s it.” Now this is a prime example of “when keeping it real goes wrong” and what not to do when handling business decisions that don’t go your way, but this is Adrien Broner we’re talking about, and couldn’t expect anything less.

In more positive news, Roc Nation Sports did manage to grab a few wins recently by signing undefeated Super Middleweight boxing champion Andre Ward, and had a successful launch of their Roc Nation Sports Presents: Throne Boxing Friday night, which had Rihanna, Jake Gyllenhaal, Spike Lee, and other celebs in attendance.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]