Nancy Grace’s Interview With 2 Chainz Makes Us Think She Needs To Smoke A Blunt

Is #Pot2Blame for Nancy Grace’s aggressive tone in her interview from last night with 2 Chainz? The television host and former prosecutor hounded the rapper for thinking marijuana should be legalized, and while the interview revealed some solid arguments on the part of 2 Chainz, it also revealed that Grace needs to take a chill pill– and possibly smoke a blunt.

Watch the greatest pot debate of all time and enjoy the quotable gems Grace tosses out there for everyone like, “2 Chainz, also Tauheed Epps, also Tity Boi” and “I’ve seen video of you smoking a fat dooooobie.” Whether or not you agree with this passionate anti-stoner, don’t “throw [her] in that pot and stew [her].”

[Photo: HLN TV]

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.