Rick Springfield Has Emotional Court Hearing After Injuring Fan With His Butt

’80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield has found himself on trial multiple times thanks to a pesky body part. In 2004, a fan sued Springfield for knocking her unconscious with his butt and causing “serious, disabling and permanent injuries.” If that wasn’t enough, the Supreme Court Justice declared a mistrial in 2013 after a second witness came forward with similar allegations from the same day. So not one but TWO butt felonies…TWO.

The allegations may seem a bit silly but on the contrary, according to Stereogum, the rocker broke down a number of times, yelled and cried during his second trial for butt violence in the New York Supreme Court. Victim number two testified by saying Springfield’s butt landed on her head when he fell backwards after losing his balance.

An official court report states, “Springfield answered questions for more than 90 minutes often smiling and occasionally laughing. Goldblatt (victim one’s lawyer) asked Springfield if he was a heartthrob and Springfield agreed with a smile. Goldblatt also asked Springfield if he’s ever been grabbed by female fans. Springfield said it’s common for women at his concerts to ’grab my butt if they’re feeling a little saucy.’”

Saucy, eh? Despite the crying fit, Springfield looks pretty calm and almost jocular while being asked a bunch of questions in this court video below.

Violence is never okay, especially if it’s with your butt. Can you believe this is the same guy who sang “Jessie’s Girl”? Oh how times have changed…

[Photo credit: Syracuse.com]