8 Times Kid Rock Was Sweeter Than You Thought

Kid Rock, otherwise known as Robert James Ritchie, is 44 years old today. The self-proclaimed King of White Trash has been the source of a few social blunders over the years — the most recent one being his post for The Guardian, but despite these, the musician has done some pretty sweet things in his time. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof.

Rock has nothing but good words for fellow Michigan native Eminem. Check out what he had to say about the rapper in this episode of VH1 Rock Docs.

He established the Kid Rock Foundation

Kid Rock brought the Kid Rock Foundation to life in 2008. Based in Michigan, the charity organization was founded upon the following philosophy:

I can’t stop the war, shelter homeless, feed the poor. I can’t walk on water. Can’t save your songs and daughters. I can’t change the world to make things fair. This is the least that I can do.

The 501 (c) 3 non profit focuses on helping “disadvantaged children, victims of war and natural disasters, and those suffering from illness.”

He helped the Detroit Symphony Orchestra raise $1 million

Kid Rock played a two-hour concert with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in May of 2012. The concert was a benefit to raise money for the orchestra, which was suffering economically as well as from a musician’s strike a couple of years prior. The pairing — Kid Rock and the DSO — was unlikely, but successful. They raised a million bucks that night.

He dedicated his mother’s favorite song of his to her for Mother’s Day

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