The Macarena Turns 20: Here Are 12 Other Embarassing Dances That We’re Totally Over
-By Frank Donovan 

It’s been a full two decades since “Macarena” topped charts all over the world and brought with it the dance of the decade. Everyone who was sentient in ‘95 remembers dutifully doing the simple arm movements to the Los del Rio one-hit wonder, and blushing each time we had to shake our butts at the end. But the impossibly joyful mega-hit overstayed its welcome, and suddenly the whole world was kind of embarrassed about getting a little too into it. So to celebrate the Macarena’s big 2-0, we’re looking back at 12 more flash-in-the-pan dance crazes that—no offense—need to sit down.

1. Gangnam Style

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