12 Times Ed Sheeran Covered Songs And Made Them Better

Ed Sheeran loves covering songs. There are multiple YouTube playlists dedicated to all the song covers the singer has performed so far, and we’re betting these lists aren’t comprehensive. We’re sure he’s got more covers on the way, but for now, we’ve found 12 Ed Sheeran cover songs that are so good, we dare say they’re better than the originals.

If you’re not already, get psyched for Ed Sheeran’s upcoming performance on the premiere of VH1 Storytellers. Go here for more information on tickets, but for now check out these 12 Ed Sheeran cover songs.

“Drunk In Love” by Beyonce

Ed Sheeran first covered “Drunk In Love” all on his own, but he shared the stage with Sia and Grouplove for this performance for VH1 Soundclash.

“Last Ones Standing” by Example

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