Watch Nicki Minaj ‘My Time Again’ MTV Documentary Right Here

Last night MTV aired the follow up installment to Nicki Minaj My Time series with My Time Again. The first episode explored the glamorous fun pop star Nicki with crazy outfits and colorful wigs. This time around MTV decided to showcase a different side of the superstar tackling personal issues in her private life, which she usually succeeds at keeping concealed from the masses, and releasing her latest album The PinkPrint. This is Nicki at her most raw.

The hour long show covered the biggest moments of her in 2014 starting off with a behind the scenes look at the preparation for her “Anaconda” VMA performance as well as her popular wardrobe malfunction during the Jessie J and Ariana Grande performance.

This past year she moved back to the east coast to be closer to her family, and the documentary dives into her relationship with them by taking a trip back to her childhood home in Queens, NY. She reconnects with close friends, shares memories of what it was like going up in the NY borough, and even made time to play spades with her grandmother. Nicki seemed the most happiest and comfortable in this segment being in the midst of family and friends, and serve as an important moment demonstrating how much Nicki needs them as much as they need her.

Towards the end of the documentary Nicki states that that the best part of 2014 was putting out this album – the worst was going through everything that inspired it. This mostly refers to her emotional break up with longtime boyfriend Safari Samuels. “I didn’t know when making this album it would be such an emotional roller coaster – I just wrote my life. I was in this long 11-year relationship and was proposed to.” She doesn’t address the actual fall-out between them, but she does want fans and listeners to be inspired by the situation to overcome tough situations.

Check out Nicki Minaj’s “My Time Again” MTV documentary in its entirety below.

[Photo: MTV]