Jazmine Sullivan Discusses Her Return To Music With ‘Reality Show’

Jazmine Sullivan spoke to us about Reality Show, the new album that marks the singer’s return to music after a three-year hiatus. She took some time off from the music industry, but Sullivan is back—and she’s ready to show you her reality.

Wearing a gold blazer as jazzy as her nickname and shoes so high, she contemplated taking them off, Sullivan spoke to us about the new album, Meek Mill, Beyonce, and Love & Hip Hop. See what she had to say about each of these, and if you haven’t already, listen to “Forever Don’t Last” off of the new album.

What was the hardest part about making Reality Show?

I executive produced it. A lot of the album was done in Phili with just me and the engineer. My mom would come through and let me know if stuff was hot or not. The pressure that I put on myself to do it primarily on my own, with very little help from different people, was the most difficult part.

Where did that pressure to produce the album all on your own come from?

It just felt natural. After the years that I spent away, I felt like nobody knew the direction I wanted to go in better than me. I knew myself and I wanted to be able to pick the tracks. I wanted to be instrumental in every little thing that had to do with the album.

You decided to take a break from music in 2011. What made you fall out of love with it?

I was going through a difficult relationship and it got hard to deal with those very personal issues and do my music. I was trying to fix that situation and it all became too much for me.

What brought you back?

A bad relationship can bring you down, so I got rid of a lot of that dead weight and had time to learn and grow and meditate. Naturally, the love and the desire to do [music] just came back for me.

In your documentary web series, Beyonce called you one of the best. How did that make you feel?

The way I reacted didn’t show how I felt. On the inside, I was screaming, but on the outside I couldn’t even move. Actually, that shows exactly how I felt. I love Beyonce. She’s one of the greatest entertainers that we have. For her to openly say that about me on stage while she has this big production going on, I was so happy and honored.

What was it like working with Meek Mill on the track “Dumb”?

It was unexpected. We didn’t even plan on doing the feature on this album. I was working in the studio and Meek happened to be in the studio across from me. He came over to say hi and was like “I’ve been wanting to work with you.” I didn’t know that. We had been running into each other for years because we’re both from Phili, but when he said that, I was like “Really? Lemme think.” I couldn’t think of any [song] right then that I could picture him on, but after he left, I started playing “Dumb.” I was like “Oh, this is it.” I texted him to tell him I had a track he could be on and he came back. He was cool.

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