Madonna Features Mike Tyson On ‘Rebel Heart’, Bjork Releases ‘Vulnicura’ On ITunes After Album Leak + More On Last Lap

J. Cole and Dale Earnhardt Jr. take over ESPN’s music issue, Justin Bieber is ready and pumped for Comedy Central’s roast, Weird Al Yankovic will go on tour this summer and more on Last Lap.

  • Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart tracklist reveals Chance The Rapper and Mike Tyson on her song “Iconic”. We pray Tyson is not actually going to sing… or rap for that matter. [MTV]
  • After Bjork’s eighth studio album Vulnicura leaked over the weekend, the singer decided to release her album on iTunes for 24 hours before its official release in March. [Time]
  • Read J. Cole and Dale Earnhardt Jr’s ESPN cover story for the magazine’s latest music issue. 2014 Forest Hills Drive fans will understand the inside joke. ESPN, you’re hilarious for this one.
  • Justin Bieber is on-board for #BieberRoast.

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