Life-Coaches, Kitty Cats And The 10 Softest Moments In Heavy Metal History

Heavy metal is about power. Sometimes heavy metal is about conflict. Often it is about anger, though other times it is about joy. The kind of joy one feels when they watch a bully get beaten up or the underdog team whip the pants off the favorites. It is hard stuff. Heavy metal is not about nice things. It is not about wholesome things (though it can be about values like strength, loyalty and perseverance). Heavy metal is not about kitty cats. Or is it…?

From power ballads to disco songs, plenty of hard rock and heavy metal warriors have slipped up and shown that there’s a big softie underneath the manes of hair and leather jackets. Metal musicians like Renaissance music, and analysis and seriously, who doesn’t love kitty cats? Only a big meanie that’s who! Check out the 10 softest moments in heavy metal history and find out who’s not as tough as they seem.

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10. Ritchie Blackmore Trades In His Strat For A Mandolin
Arguably metal’s first shredder, the tempestuous Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist confused fans when he formed the Renaissance Fair-friendly band Blackmore’s Night with wife Candice Night. Gone were the Marshall stacks and six-string pyrotechnics, replaced by acoustic instruments, funny hats and songs about magic. Well, songs about magic could still be pretty metal. I guess.
9. Alice Cooper Sings About…Menstruation? 
Shock Rocker. No More Mr. Nice Guy. Desparado. Tampon Salesmen? Well, maybe the whole song isn’t about it, but when Alice sings “Only Women Bleed” he is most definitely talking about a women’s monthly “friend.” Think about that next time you hear it on the radio.

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8. Stryper
Now, we would never insult another person’s religious faith, but whether you’re a believer or an atheist, you have to admit the idea of “Christian metal” is a hard fit. And yeah, we know there are tons of Christian metal bands of every sub-genre you can imagine these days, but when Stryper came out, it just came off wack. And those bumblebee outfits? What the f***was that about?  And the teased hair? Look, there’s room for just about every type of freak, miscreant and weirdo in the heavy metal nation but sometimes you’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Just say no.
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