Jay Z Wants to Better New York Together in Police Relations Plan Statement

Last Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo detailed a six-point plan to reform police and community relations during his annual State of the State Address, and Jay Z is in full support, which is a little surprising due to the negative statements from a former Governor. He released a statement via Capitol Confidential about his reaction to the relation plan. Read below:

“The criminal justice reform package proposed by Governor Cuomo today is a huge step forward in restoring fairness, protection, sensitivity and accountability for all under our justice system. I commend Governor Cuomo for his bold leadership in taking this issue head on at this critical time. This package presents comprehensive steps to protect and improve relations amongst all citizens. We cannot be divided, as every single human being matters. Together, we can move forward as a community, with mutual respect for each other and continue to make this great state stronger than ever before.”

HOV’s response to the Governor Cuomo’s police relations plan shows how far he’s come since ’99 Problems,’ specifically the second verse. This statement will surely help build back up the relationship between community and police after the violent history between the two recently. Cuomo’s plan will increase funding to ensure more protection for police officers amongst other things. Watch the full State of the State address below.

[Photo: Getty Images]