The 9 Strangest Halftime Show Collaborations In Super Bowl History

Remember the time Aerosmith jammed out with *NSYNC and Britney Spears?

We all have fond memories of Katy Perry’s performance at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show (shoutout to Left Shark!), but weren’t you just a tad perplexed when it was announced funk rock muscle god Lenny Kravitz would be joining her? It was definitely an interesting collaboration because Perry and Kravitz are drastically different artists; however, this wasn’t the first time the Super Bowl halftime show merged two unlikely musicians together. (Madonna and LMFAO, anyone?)

From Britney Spears and Aerosmith in 2001 to the The Black Eyed Peas and Slash in 2011, the Super Bowl is one of the few places where punk quite literally goes pop (and vice versa). While the actual quality of the performances vary, one thing is absolutely certain: They were all weird as hell. Below, we’ve picked the nine strangest collaborations to ever grace the halftime show stage.

Madonna feat. LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green (2012)

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