Why The Super Bowl Is The Only Place Where Lip-Syncing Is OK

Artists can get a lot of flack for lip-syncing (Beyoncé’s national anthem debacle, anyone?). However, the Super Bowl halftime show is the one place where singers can — and should — be allowed to mime their acts. Before you have a heart attack, just hear us out. 
Football stadiums are big, people. Very big. Plus, with tricky acoustics and an audience of 100 million waiting for you, the pressure can be enormous to put on the perfect show. Live singing in these conditions can generate some pretty horrendous results, which is why some of the most  prominent artists in the biz from Madonna to Janet Jackson — opted to lip-sync their halftime sets. Let’s break down the reasons why relying on a little playback isn’t so terrible during the Super Bowl.

You’re not paying for a ticket.

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