Ed Sheeran Recalls His First Time With A “Masturbation Machine”

After watching VH1’s Storytellers with Ed Sheeran, you probably thought you heard every story Sheeran had to share— but you thought wrong. Sheeran had to refrain from “Thinking Out Loud” with this particular story he’s been dying to tell because it’s too kinky for TV.

Watch Sheeran tell a story about receiving a “masturbation machine” from a Japanese rockstar. We definitely think if he told that story during Storytellers he would’ve had some fans looking at him sideways while cracking up. You never know what to expect from this guy.

Check back on the greatest moments of Storytellers below and listen to this funny fable from the man himself.

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  • Ed Sheeran

    Photo: Dara Munnis.

  • Ed Sheeran

    Photo: Dara Munnis.