Usher’s Off The Market, So Let’s Relive The Sexiest Times He Gave Lap Dances To Fans

Oh, Usher. All we want to do is sigh all day for Usher. The sexiest male performer ever to walk a stage has us all swoony and gushy for his athletic, sweaty, shirtless body. And we’re not the only ones. Usher has made the audience lap dance truly famous, as he’s pulled up woman after woman —show after show— to grind up against while he sings “Trading Places.” And what wouldn’t we give to be trading places with any one of those lucky ladies!

So get ready to feel a little warm between your thighs, because we’re reliving the sexiest times that Usher gave lap daces to his female fans. And then get ready to cry yourself to sleep tonight when you remember that he’s engaged to business partner Grace Miguel.

The Twerking Girl

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