Migos Try To Make The World A Better Place, And It All Goes Horribly Wrong

-By Renaud Jean Baptiste Jr. 

Rarely does an act of charity receive the online roast treatment, but in this case Migos found out the hard way why some celebs stay mute when it comes to their good deeds.

The trio widely known for their frantic flows and odes to the finer things in life took a public shellacking when a recent photo of a charitable act surfaced via the group’s Instagram account.  Group members Takeoff, Quavo and Offset were pictured donating a sizeable check with a not-so sizeable amount to a local Atlanta high school.

Draped in assorted, custom gold jewelry and designer footwear, the rappers known for such songs as “Versace” and “Handsome & Wealthy” caught pure, unadulterated hell from both fans and detractors. Perhaps it wasn’t the actual act of charity that caused the flag to be thrown on the play but the pageantry surrounding it all? Maybe a jumbo check wasn’t quite the right route to take, next time just use Paypal or they could even slide a cash envelope under the principal’s door.

Listen, $1000 is nothing to sneeze at and now that it’s tax season, many of us will become thousanaires overnight. But we’re pretty confident that these guys could’ve coughed up a tad bit more than $333.33 each. Regardless of the donation amount, something is definitely always better than nothing.

Check out below to see what some good folks on Twitter had to say: