Believe It or Not, It’s Pretty Damn Good To Be Ashanti These Days

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Ashanti is no longer hip-hop and R&B’s princess, but that’s not stopping her from living like one. You may have thought the singer peaked circa Ja Rule era, but you were wrong. Very wrong.

Do we miss hits like “Foolish” and “Rain on Me”? That’s like asking if we would want to try on Kim Karashian’s butt for a day. OBVIOUSLY. But at least the songstress attempts to stay relevant in our lives by posting racy Instagram pictures. Because that’s obviously how to do so these days.

From sporting Louboutins to vacationing in Turks and Caicos, Ashanti makes it clear she is not struggling. And if she is, she’s damn good at hiding it. Whether you would like to admit it or not, she’s still got it.

Hop into the gallery to see how Ashanti doesn’t allow her shortage of checks to stop her from living a damn fabulous life.

[Photo Credit: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>@ashanti</a>/tumblr]

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