D’Angleo’s SNL Outfit is Slandered by Hilarious Internet Memes

D’Angelo continued his big comeback last night with a powerful performance of ” The Charade” and “Really Love” on Saturday Night Live. Even though the R&B crooners vocals were on point, his outfit was not.

If  he was going for a strong “Van Helsing/Zorro/I just won my first Mexican standoff” look it was surprisingly spot on. The level of peackocking his outfit gave off slightly overshadowed his soulful performance, and of course the Internet wouldn’t let the incident go quietly into the night. Hysterical memes comparing him to the likes of Clint Eastwood and Dark Wing Duck flooded timelines everywhere. Check out the ethering of D’angelo’s outfit in the gallery above and catch his full SNL performance below.

[Photo Credit: @victoria_haus]