Let’s Make Sense Of Katy Perry’s Halftime Performance Together

If you just watched Katy Perry’s Pepsi Halftime Show performance, you might be feeling one or all of the following: elated, starstruck, or confused. What the hell just happened? Were those dancing sharks? Was she in an ad for The More You Know? Let’s make sense of that fantastical, out-of-this-world performance together.

Let’s start at the beginning. Perry, wearing a dress made of flames, sang “Roar” flawlessly while riding through an eye on top of a tiger. She somehow didn’t fall off, not even when the tiger stood on its hind legs.

Next was “Dark Horse.” Perry and her backup dancers looked like they were navigating a video game. Juicy J was, unfortunately, not in attendance, but Lenny Kravitz, who apparently hasn’t aged at all, showed up for a hot second to sing “I Kissed A Girl” with Perry. Soon enough, Kravitz was gone as quickly as Perry changed outfits. Maybe he was freaked out after she tried to grind up on him?

“Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls” took place amidst dancing sharks and giant beach balls so large, they quieted any remaining anxiety about #DeflateGate.

And then there was Missy Elliott.

Elliott looked amazing while performing “Get Your Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control,” and Perry glowed alongside her in her third costume of the night. The “surprise” performance was a hit and quickly overshadowed any hype surrounding Kravitz’s cameo.

Perry ran off to change yet again, and when she came back, she sang “Firework.” She ascended into the sky and floated over the stadium like an actual shooting star. Either she was giving yet another literal interpretation of one of her songs, or she was emulating a The More You Know ad. It was hard to tell because at that point, we were still caught up on the fact that Missy Elliott had just performed with her.

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A lot went down during that halftime performance. It may not be clear exactly what Perry was going for, but what is clear is that she was born to do this. Her vocals were on point, she mastered the costume changes, and she knew exactly what to do to pump up the crowd. She delivered a high-energy performance and gave the crowd what they wanted: hit songs, dance moves, and large balls. No matter which team wins tonight, Perry can go to sleep knowing that she did Team Perry proud. 

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1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.