20 Forgotten Breakup Songs of the ’90s That Will Shatter Your Heart

-By Frank Donovan

Valentine’s Day is a double-edged sword. If you’re happily shacked up (or happily single), you can just skip this and have a great day.

But if you’re trying to get out of that toxic relationship before the 14th, or you’re already deep in the depths of a hellish split, or even if your broken heart is left unhealed by time, we’ve assembled 20 breakup songs that run the gamut—all deep cuts from the ’90s vaults.

Whether you want to wallow with Mariah Carey or get back on the dance floor with Mark Morrison, we’ve got what the heart doctor ordered. So sit down, relax, and keep a box of tissues handy.

 “Never Ever,” by All Saints (1997)

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