Diddy Punched A Fan Who Paid To See Him At A Pre-Super Bowl Party

A fan of Diddy’s was lucky enough to meet the rapper at a pre-Super Bowl party on Saturday night, but unfortunately for him, it didn’t go down how he thought it might.

Steven Donaldson, Diddy fan, supposedly paid $100 to see the rapper perform at a pre-Super Bowl party on Saturday night. When Donaldson found out that Diddy not only showed up to the party an hour late, but didn’t perform at all, he got pretty upset.

After being egged on by an angry Donaldson for remaining in the VIP section all night, Diddy got angry, too. The rapper punched Donaldson, and you can see the scene play out in TMZ’s video, which cuts out after the first punch was thrown.

Diddy’s security tackled Donaldson and threw him out of the party. Looks like Donaldson, now $100 poorer, got the short end of the stick after all.

Donaldson later filed a report for battery, and Scottsdale police are now seeking out Diddy.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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