Celebrate Metal All Month Long With 28 Classic Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Album Openers

It might be the shortest month on the calendar and for many its one of the coldest times of the year, but that don’t matter ’cause we’re keeping warm all month long thanks to the molten riffs and fiery antics of heavy f***ing metal music. Yep, in honor of the impending season 14 return of That Metal Show, the only show on television on all things hard rock and heavy metal, and the premiere of Rock Icons on VH1 Classic on Saturday, February 21st, we’re going hard and heavy with our coverage of the loudest music genre in the known universe. Hell, we’ve even got some surprises planned that are going to blow your mind. And just to show you we’re serious, we’re counting down the 28 greatest album openers in the history of hard rock and heavy metal. Get it, 28? Like, one for each day of the month. Pretty clever, huh? Check back all month long to see what else we’ve got coming your way because it’s Metal F***ing February and it’s gonna rock!

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