Leave That Rap Alone: Why Iggy Azalea Losing Best Rap Album Is Really A Win

-By Renaud Jean Baptiste Jr. 

You heard that Iggy? That was the collective exhale all of hip-hop just took when you didn’t walk away with rap album of the year. The Grammys actually got it right by giving Eminem the award, it was a better hip-hop album than The New Classic overall and the hip-hop community as a whole would unanimously agree. I imagine you were disappointed by the outcome but don’t be because there was a bright side to all of this.

I don’t think hip-hop star was the endgame for you anyway, pop star though –––maybe.  You snuck into the game at the right time, Kreayshawn (yeah remember her?) semi opened the gates when  ‘Gucci, Gucci’ struck viral gold, ultimately landing her a deal with Columbia Records. Although her debut Somethin ‘Bout Kreay completely flopped, selling an embarrassing 3,900 the first week, she accidentally manifested the idea of a white female rapper with minimal credibility succeeding in the mainstream.

But enough about her, let’s get back to you and how tonight’s loss was actually great for you. You can now move on from rap completely, the criticism and backlash just isn’t worth it. You might love hip-hop but outside of maybe T.I., hip-hop doesn’t necessarily love you back. The back and forth bickering with Snoop to Azealia Banks,  the controversy over cultural appropriation and The New Classic was dismissed by many rap fans and critics. Plus, look at what what happened to Macklemore last year when he beat Kendrick for rap album of the year? He ended up apologizing publicly for WINNING and still got scorched, you sure you wanted those problems?

Swapping out rap for pop would also mean no more Nicki Minaj comparisons, who caught just as much hell for making pop songs, as you do for making rap songs. The reason why nobody is asking Nicki to leave rap alone is because she’s proven time and time again that she can actually spit. I’ve yet to hear a definitive Iggy verse, or maybe I’m not looking hard enough? Either way, her credibility in rap is cemented and yours is always in question, kinda like my credit score.

But now you can officially go back to making music that sounds like thiswithout any scrutiny because America loves you like Frozen. Plus you’re excelling in other areas outside of rap, a modeling contract with Wilhelmina International, endorsements with everyone from Levi’s to Forever 21  and even making your acting debut in Fast & Furious 7.  Hollywood is going  to love them some Iggy Azalea, execs are probably already hard at work on a Crocodile Dundee reboot where you play Paul Hogan’s daughter or something.

All in all, the Grammys did you a solid by not awarding you with rap album of the year. The cross would’ve been too much to bear, the criticism you face now would’ve easily multiplied. Iggy leave rap alone, free yourself of all the negative press and commentary. Besides, you were probably just using rap as a vehicle  to jump start the Iggy brand, trust me you wouldn’t be the first ex-rapper to do so.

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