Kanye Was Right About The Grammys, End Rant

-By Renaud Jean Baptiste Jr. 

Last night we got an unexpected Grammy moment and it didn’t even go down on the show. After jokingly interrupting Beck’s acceptance speech for Album of the Year, Kanye West took over the E! airwaves and let his opinion on Beck’s win, the Grammys and even E! itself, be known.

Regardless of the method Ye chose to express his viewpoints, one could easily agree with a good chunk of what was said late Sunday night. The usage of the word “rant” every time he expresses himself, automatically and unfairly dismisses whatever it is he’s trying to get across. Is some of that Kanye’s fault? Sure, but it’s hard to have tact when you’re challenging the status quo.

There are two things Kanye nailed on the head though and they were both pretty obvious:

1. Beyonce Should’ve Won Album of the Year

There is absolutely no question that Beyonce should’ve won this award. The rollout and release of this album alone should’ve won her that statue. She forever changed the music industry in one night and it was sad that it wasn’t officially recognized last night. I don’t think Beck should’ve just handed the trophy over to her, how many of you return the extra food you accidentally get at the drive-thru? Thought so

2. The Grammys Need To Stop Playing With All of Us

The Grammys didn’t televise the Best Rap Album category but gave us Tom Jones and Jessie James singing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin”? Kanye blessed us with a line that doesn’t only apply to artists, but the viewing public as well. The Grammys were yet again a snoozefest all because they’re out of touch.

Believe it or not Kanye has matured, the guy has a self-imposed gag order and doesn’t speak to the press for weeks. In the middle of his E! appearance he even mentioned not putting his daughter at risk as he continues his fight for artistry. He even snapped a pic with Taylor Swift last night proving once and for all that they’re good money. In the future, just let the man speak his mind without simply dismissing it as another rant because like the saying goes “listen to the message, not the messenger.”

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