Find Out Which Big-Hearted Rappers Give Back To Their Hometowns In Big Ways

Since before Rakim rhymed about getting “Paid In Full,” rappers have been obsessed with that dollar bill (y’all). They rap about trying to get it, what they’d do with it if they had it and all the problems it creates. And they should know, as no one knows how to spend it in style like a hip hop star. There are however, a significant number of MCs who have decided to put their money back into the communities that raised them. From California to the Carolinas, famous rappers have helped fund charities, college scholarships and community centers. See which big-hearted rappers have given back in big ways and find how they’re paying it forward to help the next generation.

Eminem and Dr. Dre have both given back to their hometown communities. Relive the video for their collaborative “I Need A Doctor.”

Diddy Ran the NYC Marathon

Diddy repped his hometown of Harlem when he ran the 2003 NYC Marathon. The marathon was a chance for Diddy to raise money for New York public schools and the Children’s Hope Foundation, as well as his Daddy’s House Social Programs, which provides guidance for youths. Diddy claimed to have raised $2 million for the causes. He finished the marathon with a time of four hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds after suffering major leg cramps and training for two months.

E-40 Opened his Wallet for his Hometown Salvation Army

While in Vallejo, CA for the holidays in 2013, E-40 stopped by the Salvation Army in his hometown to help distribute bikes. He also donated $10,000 to the charity organization, recalling the help it offered to him and his family when he was young. “When you’re dealing with donations, you want to make sure [you’re] dealing with reputable people,” he told the charity. “The Salvation Army is reputable.”

Big Sean’s Sean Anderson Foundation

Big Sean visited his hometown of Detroit in the summer of 2013 to hand out school supplies at a fair hosted by his former school, Detroit Public Schools. Around the same time, Sean launched the Sean Anderson Foundation, whose mission is to “assist in the education, health, safety and well-being of Detroit Area School aged youth as well as disadvantaged youth in other areas across the nation.” Sean’s mother, Myra Anderson, is head of the foundation.

2 Chainz Wants to be Mayor of College Park

2 Chainz told XXL in late January that he wants to run for mayor of his hometown, College Park, GA. This wouldn’t be the first time the rapper has gotten political. Remember that interview he did with Nancy Grace about his views on legalizing marijuana? Grace is probably too embarrassed to remember, but you should revisit it daily. 2 Chainz told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he’s “looking forward to running at the end of this year or next,” and in the meantime, he’s “waiting to see if I meet all of the qualifications.”

Lil Wayne Helped Build Trukstop Skate Park in New Orleans

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