Who Won These Epic Ballad Battles And Romantic Musical Duels?

Yesterday was Brandy Norwood’s 35th birthday. We have to say, we’re a little shocked. It feels like Brandy’s been in the game so long she could have been 100. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at her musical duel with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine” and we’re going to decide once and for all who won that fight. And it’s not just Brandy vs Monica we’re concerned with today. We’re going head to head for Usher vs R. Kelly, Beyonce vs Shakira, Michael Jackson vs Paul McCartney and a host of other iconic romantic song battles. Want to know who came out on top? Check out our rankings after the jump.

“The Boy Is Mine” – Brandy vs Monica
We’re never big fans of the idea of two women fighting over a man, but Brandy and Monica have one of the best songs of the 90s in “The Boy Is Mine”. Their rivalry in the track is evenly matched, and in the video the two pull a full throttle girl power move by turning the tables on their cheating man (amazingly played by Mekhi Phifer).

Who won? Even though the women fought over their dastardly beau at first, in the end the banded together against the real asshole: the man who was dating them both at the same time! We think they’re both winners here, as is the strength of the sisterhood.

“Same Girl” – Usher vs R. Kelly
In “Same Girl”, Usher and R. Kelly discover the’ve both been unwittingly dating the titular same girl, and that they’re both madly in love with her. They attempt a Brandy and Monica style ambushing of the girl, only to discover they’ve been dating identical twins, which is insane considering the lyrics describe the woman right down to the car she drives, her tattoos, her nickname and her job, which means that two identical twins are living the exact same life with absolutely no deviations.

Who won? Well, Ush and Kelly both won in the end given the whole twin thing, but if it had’ve really been the same girl, we’d say Usher would have been the one losing. You don’t want to be double dipping with R. Kelly given his questionable sexual history.

“The Girl Is Mine” – Michael Jackson vs Paul McCartney

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