7 Paris Hilton Songs That Don’t Suck

Let’s call a spade a spade. As a whole, Paris Hilton’s music isn’t that great — even by guilty pleasure pop standards. However, today is Hilton’s birthday —she’s 34! — and we’re choosing to keep things positive. While the socialite’s discography doesn’t exactly scream Lady Gaga (or even Selena Gomez), she does have a few tracks that warrant repeated listening. And they sound even better if you’re drunk.

When it comes to Hilton’s tunes, she succeeds best when she lays her wispy vocals on enveloping, electro-tinged beats. And while we can’t condone Auto-Tune to mask lack of vocal ability, we admit the tool makes Hilton’s songs more accessible and fun. Here are seven of her best efforts.

“Come Alive”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.