Watch Alyson Stoner’s Tribute Video To Missy Elliott’s “Gossip Folks”

Remember that little girl dancing in Missy Elliott’s “Gossip Folks” music video thirteen years ago? Well, Alyson Stoner is all grown up now and making music of her own, but she hasn’t forgotten how Missy Elliott helped launch her career.

According to a recent interview with Stoner on Buzzfeed, she auditioned for the spot along with 300 others while wearing Limited Too — remember when that was your favorite store, too, ladies?

Over a decade later, Stoner is covering popular songs, making music of her own, and yes, she’s still dancing like a pro. To prove she can break it down even better than her 8-year-old self once did, she created a tribute video in which she recreates Missy Elliott’s “Gossip Folks.”

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