Rappers Who Make Money Off Of Weed (No, Not Like That)

Hip hop and weed have a relationship as tight as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s bromance. Snoop Dogg hasn’t ever been shy about his love for the herb, and he’s embraced it so much, he’s found a way to make money off of it — without dealing. Snoop is a damn ganjapreneur, and he’s not the only rapper making mad marijuana money. From Redman to Kurupt, find out which other rappers are getting paid from weed in some way.

If grandmas endorse smoking weed, everyone should. Right? Find out which rappers already do, and in case you forgot, relive 2 Chainz’s epic interview with Nancy Grace about marijuana legalization here. Maybe 2 Chainz will score a weed endorsement if his mayorship candidacy doesn’t pan out.


Tyga, who is not boning Kylie Jenner, announced a few months ago that he invested $5 million in golden rolling papers. He is set to become the creative director of Shine Papers, a Los Angeles-based company that prides itself on being a “brand for those who celebrate all of life’s highs.” In other words, they don’t exclusively sell to marijuana smokers. Each single leaf paper goes for $4.60. Tyga put it best when he said in a statement, “Why burn regular paper when you can burn 24-karat gold?”

Wiz Khalifa

In San Jose, CA, there’s a place called The Cookie Company that sells medical marijuana. That’s where you can buy Wiz Khalifa’s eponymous brand of weed, Khalifa Kush. If you need something to roll it with, fret not, for Wiz has you double-covered. He partnered with RAW Rolling Papers for a line of “smoking accessories that will offer quality and innovative products smokers have long deserved.” And that’s the story of how Wiz never had to pay for weed or rolling papers again. That’s also why, everyday, he’s blowin’ KK.

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