Does Selena Gomez’s Topless ‘V Magazine’ Cover Make You Hot Or Uncomfortable?

Selena Gomez smoulders in her V Magazine cover… at first. We did a double take, and though we’re feeling the whole bare breasts with booty shorts look so many female artists are latching on to lately, something doesn’t feel right here. Maybe it’s Selena’s babyface or the polka dot bow in her hair, but we’re confused by the juxtaposition of these two with her very mature photoshoot. Does it make you hot or confused?

The rest of her V Magazine spread features Selena sporting a ruffled bikini, a Chanel handkerchief, a denim jacket, or just no shirt at all. Here’s the full cover. Take a close look at those very short booty shorts.

Now look back at her face. The toy fire engine-red hoops. That polka dot bow. Some of the photos in the rest of her shoot make Selena look like a topless Jessie from Toy Story. At other times, she looks like this.

We know Selena has always been a vixen. That’s why the Biebs wanted it for so long. If she wants to rock booty shorts, regular shorts, or no shorts at all, we say “Go, girl! You do you.” This is, after all, 2015, and things like Free The Nipple have got us thinking about the day bras get banned. Like, forever. But something about this V Magazine cover is off, and we think it’s the fact that Selena looks like a baby hiding boobs. Are we completely losing our sh*t?

[Photo: V Magazine, Tumblr]